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Risk Management Specialists

At RiskSure, we believe that in today’s ever-changing business environment of market complexity, globalisation and increasing investor expectations, managing risk while protecting value is more important than ever.  RiskSure offer a full range of property and liability surveys within the commercial business sector environment.

With a Nationwide reach including the ability to support mainland Europe, our team of risk management surveyors can complete multiple risk assessments during a single visit. This ensures our customers have the minimum level of disruption, whilst saving both time and money. 

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Services at a glance

Property Surveys

Surveys are undertaken to assess exposure and risks that may affect the property. The report format will include full details of construction type, fire and security, flood risk and other liabilities.

Complex Risks

Complex Risk surveys are part of RiskSure’s portfolio; examples of such cases include: Precious metal refining (metallurgy) – the process of purifying impure material.

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Tracking your survey couldn’t be easier

Save time and know the up-to-date status of your survey through our tracking software.

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