Survey Process

RiskSure Ltd prides ourselves in communicating with the survey instructors, clients and underwriters throughout the survey process from survey request to completion of reports. RiskSure are currently involved in the development of a unique software package that will record, monitor and report on each step of the survey process for insurers and underwriters. SurveyTrack is currently being piloted and will provide a huge benefit to the industry.

IC Tracker - Tracking Compliance

IC Tracker is a Cloud based asset and compliance tracking solution, which uses QR technology to allow you to quickly scan, log and track all of your assets. Data is captured in real-time and stored safely and securely: removing the need for paper records. IC Tracker provides alerts so that you never forget a compliance check or routine service. The IC Tracker dashboard is your hub to the IC Tracker service, enabling you to customise and configure the product to meet your compliance tracking needs.

Survey Track

SurveyTrack is a cloud based risk assessment tracking solution that provides automated tracking and reporting of your insurance risk assessment surveys. No more tracking down your insurance surveyor, local insurance agent or insured party: SurveyTrack does it all for you through its efficient and fully traceable processes and its secure and robust exchange of information and documentation. SurveyTrack is adaptable and configurable to your business needs so you can be assured that it can be implemented to fit with your working methods and practices.

Recycle Fire Training - Specialised fire safety training for the waste and recycling industry

Recycle Fire Training are our fire safety specialists for the waste & recycling industry with extensive experience of fire risk assessments, fire safety training, equipment specification and provision.
Our fire safety courses are tailored to your needs in order to reduce the risk of fire, protect life and your assets.