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Risk Management Services

RiskSure Ltd undertake and specialise in a wide range of commercial/complex risk type surveys throughout the UK and Europe.

Waste and Recycling

Anaerobic Digestion

Waste-to-Energy Plants/Biomass

We also deal with other risks so please contact us if you require a survey for any risk not listed above.

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RiskSure produce reports to assist underwriters to decide on terms and conditions of insurance policies and specialise in the following areas:

  • Fire and perils

    examining plans, constructing and fire protection systems to assess the risks to a building and its contents

  • Accidents and Liability

    assessing the possible risks to employees, customers and visitors to a building or site

  • Engineering insurance

    surveying mechanical and industrial plants, machinery and equipment for faults and risks

  • Burglary and theft

    inspecting business premises to check security and storage methods.

Property and Liability

General property

Liability only


Food industry

Typical Work Activities :

  • Undertaking commercial and personal surveys

  • Carrying out detailed site surveys

  • Collating and assessing risk information on site.

  • Assessing and evaluating risk by undertaking appropriate research

  • Preparing detailed reports and presentations for underwriters

  • Making recommendations to underwriters about required risk improvements

  • Providing advice to clients onsite and discussing highlighted requirements to reduce the risk of future insurance claims:

  • Assigning quality grades after improvements have been made.

  • Liaising with other professionals eg health and safety, fire officers, brokers, client representatives, underwriters

  • Applying technical knowledge and expertise by keeping up to date with all aspects affecting risks eg trade processes, legislation, hazardous materials

  • Assessing risks to building or employees and customers

  • Developing the business and maintaining the professional reputation of Risksure with underwriters, brokers and their clients.

Early Warning Fire Detection

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RiskSure are able to offer advice and information on:

Early warning heat detection system; Advanced heat detection system for products which require immediate heat change alerting ie waste transfer stations, recycling facilities, bulk storage of waste, fuel processing.

Targeted Fire Fighting

Advanced automatic targeted fire fighting system for products, which are highly flammable and pose a risk to the fabric of the building or business as a whole. Required for all waste sites which have unsorted waste.

For further information and details of other systems ie Electrical control cabinet automatic fire detection systems please contact the RiskSure Office


Property Surveys

Surveys are undertaken to assess exposure and risks that may affect the property. The report format will include full details of construction type, fire and security, flood risk and other liabilities.

Complex Risks

Complex Risk surveys are part of RiskSure’s portfolio; examples of such cases include: Precious metal refining (metallurgy) – the process of purifying impure material.

Other Services

RiskSure Ltd can provide compliance advice and support to small-medium businesses. With a legally trained expert, RiskSure can advise businesses on a range of compliance requirements to include Workforce and Employment; Information Governance and GDPR; Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery; Health and Safety and other specialized compliance requirements. We are able to offer advice and support tailored to suit individual business needs.

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