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Meet The Risksure Team

RiskSure team are experienced industry experts, with surveyors providing UK&I and mainland Europe coverage, specialising across multiple insurance requirements. We believe at RiskSure that our people are key to our success.

Our value comes from the acuity, accessibility and knowledge of our dedicated employees. We share a strong sense of meaning and purpose in what we do at work; this is reflected in our high client satisfaction, retention and continued growth.

Key Contacts

Karl Knape

Karl leads RiskSure’s business development and client-relationship management, tracks insurance trends and new markets. His wealth of experience and industry knowledge, positions Karl to recommend new products and services to RiskSure’s clients and partners.

Risksure Office

Rosanne and the office team provide RiskSure and our clients with the confidence that our operation, reporting and surveyors exceed our key performance metrics and business objectives. The office are responsible for directing and controlling the operational work-flow and resources at RiskSure

A wealth of experience in the team

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In a world of ‘what-ifs’, RiskSure helps clients across multiple industries better quantify and manage risk – and transform uncertainty into opportunity.

RiskSure specialise across multiple insurance requirements, skilled in Property and Liability, Commercial and Complex Risk, Leisure Businesses and Waste Management Recycling including Anaerobic digestion plants.

RiskSure’s unique report format assess both exposure and risks that may affect the surveyed business and their operation. Providing clear and industry specific particulars including supportive photographs, focused on construction type, fire and security, flood risk, business interruptions and other liabilities. All our reports contain the relevant Risk Requirements that are required to be implemented to fulfil applicable warranties and policy conditions.

members of:

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